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Hanlon Art Works

Imperfectly Perfect

Photo Gallery

Portraits Portraits Nathan This is a Charcoal on canvas portrait 2ft x 1ft done as a memorial to this beautiful young man. 200798244 Thomas Pencil on paper A3 size. This turned put really, really well and the owner was delighted with their portrait. 200798245 Happy This is Steph drawing a portrait that was won in a raffle. The subject has a great nickname 'Happy' and true to his name he was more than Happy with his portrait. 200798246 Sisters An A3 pencil on paper. The girls were in 2 separate photos. 200798247 Portrait baubles A great Christmas present idea. A handpainted Portrait of your loved ones on a fine glass Christmas bauble. 200798248 Michael Collins This is the start of Michel Collins, an Irish freedom leader. 201000971 Brother and Sister This is two separate paintings of a brother and sister. Done in acrylic paints on canvas board, 201000972 Artist working Stephanie Hanlon working on a pencil portrait for a client. 201000973 Color where there was none. This was taken from a very old photo which was in sepia tones. When the pencil drawing was finished the client asked it could be changed to be in colour. So a long chat was had with the client to get them to remember as much detail about the subjects coloring. The client was over the moon with the end result. 201000974 Conor McGregor An acrylic painting of the notorious Conor McGregor done to the clients request. 201000975 Stephanie Hanlon drawing A further on shot of Stephanie working on a portrait for a client. 201000976 Happy artist Nothing better than to love your work. 201000977 Abby A pencil portrait in light tones, that was a commission from a client in America. 201000978 Big Surprise Pencil portrait n light tones, showing off the size of her surprise. 201000979 Keith An acrylic on canvas memorial painting. Love his smile. 201000980 Michael Collins The big man himself finished. This got some much attention that we could have sold it 3 times over, The client ass thrilled as the picture that was referenced for this painting was in black and white. So ts is the only color version of it that we now of. 201000981 Self portrait Our artist Stephanie Hanlon decided to do a pencil self portrait, turned out just like her. 201000982 Vin Diesel A quick portrait to pass the time. Just part of Vin Diesel's face. 201000983 Ali Campbell UB40 front man Ali Campbell done on printer paper. 201991871 Kellan Lutz The gorgeous Mr Kellan Lutz. I drew this after I found the photo on line. I really liked the way it had a hometown feel to it. 201991872 Still the same This was a commission for a client. She wanted the drawing of her father when he was a boy next to the drawing of him now. 201991873 Edward Scissorhands This is acrylic on a small canvas board aprox 8x10. Johnny Deep's characters make easy subjects for painting. 201991874 Mrs Hiney This is a painting I done of a neighbor from when I was a kid. The painting was done for the ladies daughter. 201991875 The Mad Hatter Johnny Deep really does make some great characters for painting. This portrait was painted on a Christmas bauble in acrylic paint. excellent for a Christmas gift. 201991876 Edward Scissorhands Bauble Another Edward Scissorhands but this time no a Christmas bauble. 201991877 Christmas Bauble portrait This was a commission for a client of her mother. She wanted something special for her Christmas tree, so she ordered one for her Mother and one of her Father. Then when they arrived she ordered 2 more sets for family members as presents. A beautiful memorial gift. 201991878 Portrait Chritsmas Bauble Thsi was a portrait to mark this little guy's first Christmas. 201991879 Conor Ma Greggor A commission of the Notorious Conor McGreggor. Acrylic on a small canvas board. 201991880 Portrait on a Plate This commission was asked to be on something different, so I showed the client the plate and the decision was made. It's painted in Acrylic. 201991882 1916 Group Portrait This is a painting I done for the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. It depicts the seven signatories of the Irish Proclamation. 201991883 Grandson This is a personal painting. I painted this portrait of my grandson for my son and daughter-in-law. It's done in acrylic on canvas. 201991884 George Best A clients commissioned this for her husband who is a hug George Best fan. He loved the era where George Best had side burns and the Manchester United strip hand a round neck. Acrylic on canvas. 201991885 Jax Teller Any Son's of Anarchy fan will know and understand this commission for a fan in California. This is part of a double pencil portrait of Jax Teller and Opie Winston played by Charlie Hunnam and Ryan Hurst respectively. 201991886 Son's of Anarchy Portait Double portrait of Jax Teller and Opie Winston from Son's of Anarchy with the SOA logo behind them. Done in pencil on cartridge paper. 201991887 George Takei Mr Sulu himself George Takei done in pencil on printer paper. I drew this about 4 years ago for fun. 201991888 Meg Ryan This is a portrait of Meg Ryan from the Diner scene in 'When Harry met Sally' This is where she famously proves women can fake an orgasm. 201991889 The Joker Heath Ledger, without doubt, the greatest Joker ever. Acrylic on canvas board 201991890 David 'Lost Boys' I did a series of 'Movie' portrait painting's and this was one of the first. Keiffer Sutherland as David in the Lost Boys...One of my favorite paintings. 201991891 Beetlejuice Michael Keating played the crazy Beetlejuice in the 1988 film of the same name. 201991892 Clint Eastwood The Man with no name. Acrylic on canvas. 201991893 Charles Bronson Paul Kersey from the Death Wish films was played by Charles Bronson. Most film buffs will recognise the the pose and gun 201991894 Ripley's Kiss From Aliens 2, the bathroom scene where Ripley gets up close and personal with one of the creatures 201991895 Morgan Freeman An iconic actor with an equally recognizable voice, or as alot of people call him God for his character in 'Bruce Almighty'' 201991896 Hannibal Lector From 'Silence of the Lambs' one of the scariest movie characters, played by Sir Anthony Hopkins. This from the scene where he's describing how enjoyed 'his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti' 201991897 Why so Serious This 3ft x 3ft painting is 5 separate portraits of Heath Ledger as The Joker done in acrylic on canvas. 201991898 Say hello to my little friend This commission of Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface is of the famous' Say hello to my little friend' scene.. Done in Acrylic on canvas 201991899