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Hanlon Art Works

Imperfectly Perfect

Photo Gallery

Upcycling Upcycling Crank shaft candle stick holders Taken from a broken car and given a new life as upcycled candlestick holders, they now sit happily on their new owners mantel 201887662 Artist desk Upcycled from a school table and a press to a multi positional lighted artists' desk 201887663 Vivarium some old presses were upcycled to make this extra large double vivarium 201887664 Home Pub An old dresser, support beam and counter top were all upcycled into this kickass bar 201887665 Place mats Pallet wood was upcycled into hand painted place mats 201887666 Place mats Some more of the upcycled place mats with hand painted American classic cars in them 201887667 Candle holders From broken pallets to these upcycled wall mounted candle or ornament holders 201887668 Screw that Once again the broken pallet comes in handy for upcycling. This time it gets upcycled into a very handy screwdriver or tool holder 201887669 Pull a long cart This is a brilliant and sturdy pull a long wooden cart or wagon. these like everything else can be ordered and customised to suit the client 201887670 Place mat This was an tired old place mat that got upcycled by being hand painted with this beautiful ocean scene 201887671 Place mat Again the place mat was hand painted to turn it into a beautiful little upcycled piece 201887672 Place mat A Galaxy in a tea cup or in this case on an upcyced place mat that was hand painted 201887673 Hub Cap Clock This is a must have for any man cave, an upcycled hub cap clock, This one is from a truck 201887674 Shots, Shots, Shots, Shots These plain shot glasses got a revamp by being upcycled with hand painted client specific designs 201887675 Pint of Play Station This Client request took the bog standard pint glass into the land of the upcycled by hand painting it 201887676 Garden Furniture Unused pallets become a very attractive and durable set of Garden furniture with 2 single planters and 1 triple planter. Can be ordered in any colour and configuration. 201973533 Garden Furniture Pallet furniture. 2 two seater sturdy benches, 1 coffee table, 2 small planter and 1 long planter. Can be ordered in any colour or customised to suit the clients. 201973534 Tablet Holder This tablet holder is upcycled from car hinges and dresser wood. It was hand painted in 'dragon skin' effect 201973535 Tablet Holder Another version of the upcycled tablet holder, this time in oragne 'Dragon Skin' effect. 201973936 Spark plug Coat Holder Recycled from no longer used spark plugs and pallet wood. This is excellent for any man cave or for anyone that wants something different. 201973937 Tool Holder Handmade from pallets. This is a really handy screwdriver holder. It's excellent for tidying up your messy tools. 201973938 Place mats These old place mats got a new life with paintings of the universe 201973939 Place Mats These were a set of outdated cup holders or coaster. They were hand painted and sealed to show some beautiful seascapes. 201973940 Chunky Place Mats A piece of pallet wood that was not the right fit for a table got cut up and hand painted. As there are alot of classic American car lovers here we decided to do a few sets of A good conversation starter when sitting on your coffee table, especially for the car enthusiast. 201973941 Storm Jar A great and handy idea. This is one type of candle holder that looks beautiful hanging in a tree or wherever you want. 201973942 PLace Mats These are hand painted cup holders for people that like things on the quirky side. 201973943 Cloontuskert School Front Revamp Recycling in a different way. This was an old and very dilapidated school building. It was a bit of an eye sore. With some imagination and paint we turned it into a mini shopping center mural. It really brightened up the area. 201973944 Cloontuskert Old School Painting shop fronts on to some boards on an old building can really give it a new lease of life and make it a place of interest for the all those that live near it and go to see it. 201973945 Bling American Flag Frame This is one of a selection of photo frames that we upcycled. With just the addition of some crystals and paint made a normal photo frame into something fun 201973946 Cloontuskert Old School A closer look at some of the shop front murals done on the old school in Cloontuskert, Co Roscommon. 201973947 Ready to Move dogs bed This is a vintage suitcase that is now a cozy bed for your little best friend 203912409 Candle holders These beautiful wooden 3 piece candle holder started life as 3 different items, like a sofa. 203912410 Retro style Pull a long wagon This awesome retro style pull-a-long wagon can be seen a few photos back in its bare wooden form, but after some some paint and airbrushing it looks awesome. 203912411 203912412