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Hanlon Art Works

Imperfectly Perfect

Custom Upcycling

Custom Upcycling can take on so many different forms. It can take that old brass tap and turn it into a very functional coat hanger. That old jam jar can become a funky cocktail glass. There is very little that can not be used in someway and turned into a beautiful piece of custom upcycling. We love to take old, unloved items and give them a new lease of life. Why buy that hideously expensive table that everyone else has, when you can own a fabulous, one of a kind piece of custom upcycling that wont beak the bank.

Our custom upcycling artist is Kevin Hanlon and he has been upcycling for years as a hobby. here are just two examples of some of the custom upcycling projects he has done over the years.

The first example of a project that we undertook for ourselves a few years ago is, we had an old press or dresser. It was sitting there doing nothing. In the meantime we were looking to by a new vivarium for our son's pet Bearded Dragon. We found that while what was on offer was good, it was boring and would entail us buying a new stand for it. So Kevn, our custom upcycling hero, had an idea to use the old press that we already had and to add to it. Long story short, he added some perspex, chicken wire, plaster and some platforms. Resulting in a now 6.8ft x 6.10ft double vivarium with storage and a gorgeous home to some very happy reptiles.

The photo above is of the double vivarium that was result custom upcycling,

 The Irish Pub at Home.

This custom upcycling project is the result of Kevin Hanlon taking an old kitchen counter, a broken dresser and some wooden support beams. Not only did Kevin build the bar from materials that were destined to be thrown out but a lot of the bar's features are either upcycled or recycled. Kevin wanted to keep the look of the bar rustic looking. He achieved his goal as it is a great added feature and a brilliant conversation starter, not to mention it comes in very handy.

Retro Pull-along Wagon

Take an unwanted pallet, a love of all things retro and a few other pieces of unwanted wood and some wheels. Now add a bright, vibrant colour scheme and some retro airbrushed flames and .....voila !!! a totally awesome Retro style child's pull-along wagon.

Outdoor Dining Area.

Kev used an unwanted couch as the base idea for this beautiful outdoor dining area.After alot of stripping and sanding, measuring and cutting not to mention staining Kev's idea came to life. He will be making more of these dining areas but every single one one will different to the last. Unique and one of a kind is what Kev likes to make.

Pallets to Garden Furniture

Nothing better when the sun is shinning than sitting out in the garden and relaxing with a nice cool beverage. With that in mind and Kev was fed up with all the mass produced garden furniture that's out there. He didn't like that it was all so light and not really durable. The set in this photo was made from pallets. They are several times heavier and sturdier than the types of sets you can get in a garden store. It's built to last and is really strong and Kev made sure that it will last and stand up to the rigors of the Irish Summer.


We not only do custom upcycling but we take commission upcycling projects also. It could be something small, like taking old album covers and creating a unique, one of kind piece of wall art or table.

We will sit down and discuss all aspects and ideas of the commission upcycling project with our client to ensure that, not only are we happy with it but also that the client is completely confident with their decision to use us for the project.