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Hanlon Art Works

Imperfectly Perfect


A few years ago I came across a free little novella on my Kindle app called Claimed by an Australian author by the name K.R Smith. I really liked it -romance, se, werewolves what's not to like- but it was so short I wanted more. So off I went searching Amazon for any other books by this author. Low and behold I find some more books and immediately buy and download them.

I loved the next story I read more, Scent, which is a continuation on from Claimed but a couple of generation later.

I'm a big SCI FI geek and l love Werewolves and Vampires and all that fun stuff. So because of this I liked the way these books were written and I really got into the characters. Anyway, the main male character of the second book is a bit, well, he's a bit of a dick really, but only sometimes and he was just so tortured that of course I had to love him.

So one day I was sitting down after reading the book and I decided to get in touch with the author on Facebook through the Circulate Series page. Turns out the author is awesome and welcomed my comments on her book's. We spoke often - and still do - and it was fantastic to have a direct link to my favorite characters.

I was doing some pastel drawings around that time and my mind kept wandering to the book Scent and to what the character Declan looked like when he shifted forms. The author Kate did a great job on describing him, but I couldn't find anything online that matched. Eventually I did find a pic that was close to what I saw in my head. I used this pic as a base to work from and altered it until I was felt I was looking at Declan in his werewolf form. I showed it to Kate and she loved it, however I was surprised but thrilled that she put it on her blog and showed it off.

The drawing above is the one I drew. It was done in pastels on black paper. I kept messing with the lines, and of course pastels smug when you do that, but I was anxious to show Kate so I didn't even clean or sharpen it up.

 If you would like to check out K/R Smiths' pages and her book's hit up these links. 

Steph x